Spaghetti to Sushi - how to optimise your role, team, department, directorate and organisation.

Date: 7th July 2021
Time: 10:30 – 12:00
Chair: Oliver Davey – Information and Data Manager, University of London

The Chair for this session Oliver Davey has worked in multiple verticals from medical research, professional services, charities, finance and arts and culture.  He recently worked for 2 years leading an optimise project for Macmillan Cancer Support and is currently leading Information and Data with the Development Office in the Vice Chancellors Office at the University of London.

Oliver has worked in the charity sector for over 20 years with small to large brands in helping optimise their organisations, not only as an employee but also as a consultant for Blackbaud Europe where he worked with the sales, marketing, scoping new business and delivering onsite Blackbaud’s product range to charities.  He has experience of being a Trustee on several charities and also runs a successful accommodation let and online businesses, including starting up a new online art gallery and product shop and continues to be actively engaged across the charity sector.

This event is an open discussion on charity optimisation and moving from an organically built-up mess or less efficient position (bowl of Spaghetti) and moving to a more efficient, organised and streamlined position (ordered or semi-ordered box of sushi!).  Often, we inherit systems, processes, policies, data and teams. This discussion is to look at how we can work collegiately to move a role, team, department, directorate and organisation forward, identifying opportunities, having the conversations, challenging the status quo to benefit the organisation.

Discussion Points:
1. Where to start
2. Techniques and tools
3. Stamina – is it worth it in the end?
4. Fortune telling or choosing the correct trends?

If you are interested in attending this event, please get in touch with Chloe Hill at [email protected]