About Us - Meet our Team

Since establishing the business in November 2018, we now have 7 permanent team members with combined 30 years of experience recruiting in the charity and not for profit sector. The majority of our consultants also come from a professional background working within the charity sector.


Ashby Jenkins

Ashby’s worked in recruitment since 2014, prior to joining the dark side of recruitment, she was a corporate fundraiser for two charities. This experience of working directly for a charity means she’s better able to support clients and candidates. Ashby is proud to say that the team at Ashby Jenkins Recruitment are all passionate about the sector and the clients they work with. This agency works in an innovative, professional way, we are an extension of every client’s brands and a true partner in their success.
Operations Manager

Juliet Wynes

Juliet has a wealth of experience in compliance and administration and felt that those skills could be put to good use within a recruitment agency that focuses on a partnership with the Charity sector. Juliet‘s focus is to support the experienced Consultants with crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s, enabling them to work closely with their clients and make a difference to their teams.


Chloe Hill

With over 13 years’ experience within recruitment, Chloe has been working in the NFP sector for the past 11 years. Managing a broad range of recruitment campaigns, Chloe has built up an extensive network of contacts within the third sector. Specialising in fundraising operations and database recruitment, using her network to bring individuals together and share knowledge. She also manages several sector specific networking groups. Chloe has a strong track record of placing niche and high-level candidates into the sector.

Chloe has used her skills and experience to support charities on a voluntary basis, most recently helping a sight loss charity and a hospice to update their HR & volunteering handbooks, producing toolkits, consulting with staff and rewriting job descriptions.

Senior Consultant

Jake Parsons

Having been in the corporate world for the last 5 years, Jake was keen to pursue a role where he could make an impact. Joining Ashby Jenkins Recruitment meant that he could combine skills in the corporate sector whilst getting to meet inspirational people working in the charity sector and supporting their career progression. It was important for Jake to join an agency that had strong values it is committed to, and he’s delighted to see that everyone at Ashby Jenkins Recruitment operates with the best interests of both clients and candidates at heart.

Principal Consultant

Emma Ihsan

Emma comes to the world of recruitment after many years of corporate partnerships experience across a range of charities such as Mind, NSPCC and British Asian Trust, and 10 years in the commercial sector before that. She is passionate about using her relationship management skills and loves that she gets to support both clients and candidates, at such a committed, collaborative and ethical organisation.


Mariam Adeojo

With her legal and charity sector background, Mariam’s transition to recruitment stems from her desire to explore new opportunities, expand her professional horizons, and make a positive impact in every possible way. Her passion for connecting people and her dedication to ensuring fairness align perfectly with her role in recruitment, where she can contribute to building successful teams and fostering positive work environments.


Celina Sharma

With experience in a variety of work environments, Celina brings her administrative skills to the team to support the consultants who work their magic to connect clients and candidates. Celina’s appreciation for the charity sector and passion for helping people drive her contribution to the success of Ashby Jenkins Recruitment’s daily operations.