Supporting you to get jobs in the charity sector

Navigating a job search can be challenging, involving the meticulous preparation of CVs, Supporting
Statements and enduring the stress of interviews. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive
support to help get you jobs in the charity sector. See more free advice and paid for services  below. If you need more general advice on the market or trends do check out our blog.


Are you looking for a mentoring opportunity either as a mentor or mentee? We have a wide network in the charity sector and can help connect you. Time commitment is really minimal, a couple of hours a month for a virtual or real-life coffee, and we match you with someone appropriate for your experience.

If you are interested, please contact us

    CV Formatting – £49

    We are experts on CVs and what makes a great one, so if you are struggling with what to include or cut from your CV or want the formatting overhauled why not get one of our team to do this for you. We will review your current CV, make amendments to the copy, edit the format and write additional content based on your experience. This will then leave you with a CV which will stand out in the crowded marketplace and help you get more traction with jobs in the charity sector.

    Interview Training – £120

    This is a great session for anyone who is getting to the interview stage but struggling to secure a job offer. The structure includes a pre-training worksheet identifying strengths/weakness, discussion of this and best practice, 45 minutes of competency and situational based questions and then feedback and follow up tips.

    If you are partaking in the training for a specific interview we ask that you share the JD so that we can tailor the questions around that. However, it doesn’t have to be concerning a specific role. We will run through this sheet at the start of the training to make sure we tailor the session to your strengths and weaknesses.

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    Assistant Director of Fundraising

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