Could contracting be for you?

Its certainly been a strange and at times uncertain few years, typically uncertainty makes us cling to security and fear further change. However with things looking stable in the charity sector and more people considering what their long-term future could look like, maybe now is the right time to see if flexibility and trying something new is for you.

We have seen a rise in interim contract roles and temporary positions more recently and these roles can give you much more flexibility. This is due to new funding, secondment opportunities, and maternity leave amongst other driving factors. Taking on an interim role can be daunting but it can also be invigorating and an excellent way to further your career in quick succession.

You may be thinking of the negative elements of taking on a contract role but I wanted to share a few benefit points to interim work that you may not have thought of.


It’s a fantastic way to gain additional experience within a quick amount of time, you may struggle to move from officer to manager or manager to head when interviewing against people who are already at this level, but as there is sometimes less competition for interim roles it makes it much easier succeed in an interim promotion.

Office politics:

Are you bored of being pulled into unnecessary meetings? As an interim contractor, you can often avoid office politics and get on with the project at hand allowing you to focus on the things you love.


The more places you work, the bigger your network becomes, you will be recognised for your expertise and often find previous colleagues/ stakeholders recommending you to others in the sector, you would be surprised how quickly you can build your name and personal brand.


Interim roles often pay better due to a lack of security and demand for need, this will help you negotiate future salaries.


Contract roles often offer much more flexibility with the client keen to work around your needs and availability, you can usually negotiate preferred hours/ remote working and other benefits.

If any of the above have lit something in you and you would like to discuss interim work and how this could benefit you, please get in touch for a call 020 3006 787.