Our webinar series

As COVID-19 pushes us all into embracing new technology we, at Ashby Jenkins Recruitment have decided to bring you a short webinar series aimed at providing fundraisers and fundraising leaders with tips and advice to keep the wheels of the charity sector turning during this crisis. You can register for each webinar using the links below, places are limited so please ensure you can attend before registering:

Upcoming webinars and training

Webinar – Did you think you could forget about digital?

Coronavirus is still having a huge effect on the charity sector and now we are back in a third lockdown, digital fundraising is more important than ever. This webinar will give you a 30-minute refresh on the digital landscape and what charities can do to keep supporters engaged.

We are delighted to be rejoined by Josh Leigh, Marketing Lead at Ecosia, an expert in digital marketing, fundraising, campaigning, and a passionate environmental activist. We’ll look at some easy, practical ways to reach your supporters online, keeping them engaged and inspired.

Tuesday 26th January – 13:00

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