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Since establishing the business in December 2018 we now have three permanent team members who recruit from Assistant to Director level roles. You can find out a bit more about us below.


Ashby Jenkins

I’ve worked in recruitment since 2014, prior to joining the dark side of recruitment I was a corporate fundraiser myself for two charities. This experience of working directly for a charity means I’m better able to support my clients and candidates. I’m proud to say that the team at Ashby Jenkins Recruitment are all passionate about the sector and the clients we work with. We work in an innovative, professional way, considering ourselves an extension of our client’s brands and a true partner in their success.

Associate Director

Chloe Hill

With over 13 years’ experience within recruitment, Chloe has been working in the NFP sector for the past 11 years. Managing a broad range of recruitment campaigns, Chloe has built up an extensive network of contacts within the third sector. Specialising in fundraising operations and database recruitment, using her network to bring individuals together and share knowledge. She also manages several sector specific networking groups. Chloe has a strong track record of placing niche and high-level candidates into the sector.

Chloe has used her skills and experience to support charities on a voluntary basis, most recently helping a sight loss charity and a hospice to update their HR & volunteering handbooks, producing toolkits, consulting with staff and rewriting job descriptions.

Client and Operations Manager

Waseema Ibraimo


I started out my recruitment career within the corporate world but quickly found myself being drawn towards the charity sector and haven’t looked back since! I pride myself on developing strong relationships as it is the foundation of everything I do. One of my proudest achievements has been placing seven people in one charity across different teams within Fundraising, and to-date keeping those relationships nourished. I am passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion and I am really proud to be working for an organisation that champions this.

Senior Consultant

Lucy Baxter

Having spent the last 10 years working in the charity sector, I am delighted to have joined Ashby Jenkins Recruitment where I am really looking forward to using my knowledge of the sector to help support fundraisers and charities be the happiest and most successful they can be. When looking for an agency to join, Ashby Jenkins stood out from the crowd as the most relationship focussed organisation, we really take the time to understand what our clients and fundraisers are looking for.


Christina McNeill

Coming from a career as a Corporate Fundraiser within the arts sector, I could not be happier to be joining the Ashby Jenkins Recruitment team and have the opportunity to play matchmaker between companies and candidates. It is such a treat to be putting any number of transferable skills to good use and still be working exclusively within the sector so close to all of us. At Ashby Jenkins Recruitment, passion, commitment and personality are actively encouraged, and it’s been fantastic seeing how this energy is reflected in the people we work with.


James Axford

Having been in the corporate world for the last 5 years, I was keen to pursue a role where I felt like I was making an impact. Joining Ashby Jenkins Recruitment meant that I could combine skills I’ve picked up in the corporate sector whilst getting to meet inspirational people working in the charity sector and supporting their career progression. It was important for me to look for an agency that had strong values they are committed to, and I’m delighted to see that everyone at Ashby Jenkins Recruitment operates with the best interests of both clients and candidates at heart.


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