Anonymised CVs - what are they and how does it affect your recruitment?

From 15th June 2020 Ashby Jenkins Recruitment will only be submitting anonymised CVs for any vacancies we recruit for. This is part of our pledge to increase equality and access across the sector..

Many of you may not have received an anonymised CV before and might be worried about whether this will affect the efficiency and accuracy of your hiring process but it won’t. Below we have included some tips and advice on what this will look like and why it’s important.

What is an anonymised or blind CV?

An anonymised CV aims to remove any details that could refer to protected characteristics or other characteristics that could lead to discrimination at the shortlisting stage. Things typically removed on an anonymised/blind CV include:

  • Education dates
  • Names of universities, schools, colleges
  • Location of residence
  • Age
  • Name
  • Gender indications
  • Hobbies

If a CV is anonymised, can you tell if someone is suitable for the job?

Yes, you will still be able to see their experience and how it relates specifically to your role. Specifically, you will be able to see key responsibilities, tenure in post, job titles and level of experience and key achievements. All of these will inform you whether they are suitable to shortlist to interview stage.

But you can’t do anonymised interviews, so what is the point?

The point is that you are giving everyone who is applying for the role an equal opportunity and removing as much unconscious bias as you can. If you are concerned about unconscious bias affecting you at interview please speak to us and we are happy to help – [email protected]

As part of our successful webinar series we are hosting a webinar on the 16th July on the topic of Building an inclusive culture and workforce. You can register for a place here.