10 things you need to know about Digital Fundraising

Since the pandemic began, embracing and launching digital fundraising activity has been a steep learning curve for the sector. In the absence of ‘in-person’ methods of engaging supporters, digital channels have been essential in continuing to raise vital charity funds.

Yesterday we were joined by Josh Leigh, Integrated Marketing Lead at Ecosia, Josh has previously worked for St Mungo’s, Amnesty UK, and Open and as such, had some great insights and tips to share. Looking ahead, it will be crucial for digital and fundraising teams to adopt a truly integrated approach and stop working in silos when it comes to fundraising. We wanted to share the key takeaways, ranging from easy to hard for teams to implement.

Top 10 tips:

Apply for a Google Ads Grant

Google offers $10,000 of free advertising spend every month so jump on this opportunity and apply.

Join the Internet Advertising Bureau

The IAB is a free to join membership organisation with useful marketing resources and events. An opportunity to learn and network!

User Generated Content is golden

This type of content is a great engagement tool in the digital world. It allows charities to speak to their audiences through the digital channel their audiences are genuinely engaged with.

Build a list with digital value-exchange on Facebook

Use Facebook’s Leads Ad tool where you can capture audience data through the platform and create even more integrated products.

Integrate everywhere with Custom Audiences

Consider adding additional channels to your campaigns to tell a story in an engaging way. You could optimise and enhance a more traditional direct mail journey with extra email, social, and video on demand touchpoints.

Use Facebook to create connected communities

Creating groups on Facebook is an amazing way to build a more defined group of supporters that want to authentically engage with your charity. Newsfeeds on social media platforms are now seeing a steady decline in engagement, so it is a good idea to pivot your focus to more bespoke groups.

Take your events online

Online events can be more accessible than offline ones, so use this opportunity to connect with existing and potential supporters in ways that you have not before.

Bring your direct mail to life with Augmented Reality

Add value to your traditional campaigns by offering another experience through AR and provide your supporters with a faster way to engage in your work. AR is the next big thing!

Invest in video

You can see how valuable video content is by looking at Youtube’s two billion users worldwide. YouTube have even seen a big increase in user engagement of video content since the start of pandemic. Investing in video doesn’t need to be costly either, live video and IGTV can be low resource digital tools to deliver authentic content.

Don’t just call, message instead

Messenger apps (eg. Whatsapp) have the biggest audiences around the world after Facebook and YouTube, so if it works for your campaign consider integrating these channels.

To watch the webinar in full, please click here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUZwwiXQmtE

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